The Author

Cee Rainey

Nanny, mother, writer

Alongside my professional life, I also carried a deep-seated desire to be a mum myself. In my heart of hearts, I knew that holding one of my own was going to be the icing on the cake. And now, after many years of looking after other people’s bundles of joy, I finally got a mini me.

“Wow, she has taught me a thing or two! She has not only reinforced what I knew from being a nanny, but she has shown me so much more about being a parent, and it’s this that I now wish to share with you.”

The Book

All the Small Things!

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Our Story

20 Years Later...

Having tried and failed to become a mum for twenty years, I was forced to admit I needed a little help.  I was assured that all was not lost. 

As a single lady, I did what any modern woman would do and reached out for a sperm donor. And I knew exactly who to contact – my first love from twenty years earlier. At the point of our amicable breakup (I wanted to travel, he didn’t), he’d made me a promise that could have come straight from the plot of a romcom, ‘If you ever want to be a Mum and you find yourself on your own,  I think you would be great and I’ll help you  . . .’ We had some mutual friends in common, so he wasn’t hard to locate on Facebook,  (who hasn’t stalked past boyfriends…? ) I plucked up the courage to message him and remind him of his promise. 

person holding baby's index finger
person holding baby feet

Luckily, he answered the call. Well, it was either going to end in a baby or a restraining order. Together, we had a little girl, and the process went so well that my sperm donor also became my husband. I mean, who wouldn’t marry the guy who, upon agreeing to have a baby with you, tells you he’s going to spend the duration of the pregnancy getting you to fall back in love with him? In fact, it didn’t take me long to realise that I had never actually stopped loving him. I relocated from London to Northern Ireland, where he was a single dad of three boys, and we became a noisy, wonderful family of six with the introduction of our daughter Aoife Kate.  Her arrival,  my experiences as a new mum coupled with my Jedi training as a nanny prompted me to write about the trials and triumphs of Motherhood.